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My take on 17 Border Crossings

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I wish I had remembered to email Thaddeus Phillips about deep play. I will do it before the next class and keep my fingers crossed that he responds. 

The show still stands in my mind as a wonderful testament to serendipity, story-telling, and hope. Hope, because of Pablo and the unidentified Angolan man in the wheel-well. They were so desperate to cross these lines that they risked imprisonment and death for the hope of a better life. The stories that involved the Balkans, however, were so riveting that it discouraged me from going to Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia. (I don't think this was the point). His skill with the languages was awe-inspiring. I wish I had gotten a picture with him. 

As for deep play, I know I was experiencing it because I was totally absorbed in the stories. I didn't check the time/my phone once. I felt tired and frustrated as he was on the train to Serbia when nobody would let him sleep. I felt goosebumps when he started his drug-prompted journey into space. Even thinking about it now, I fall halfway into deep play.