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Hi everyone. My name is Emma Thorp and I’m a freshman from Arlington, Virginia, right outside D.C. I’ll probably be an English major, which both excites and terrifies me. While there has obviously been a lot of technology that has influenced my life in significant ways, but my iPod is definitely my favorite one. I love it. It’s been so many places with me, from runs around my neighborhood to cross-country plane rides. Music is very important to me, and the ability to carry all of my music with me, wherever I go, whenever I want, is nothing short of miraculous. It goes everywhere with me. Whether it’s a five minute walk to school or a three hour car ride, I love just slipping my headphones into my ears and disappearing into a world of melodies and harmonies coming from a device smaller than my hand. Thank you Apple, or any mp3 player manufacturer. Thank you so much.





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The Piano

 (Okay, so I've tried posting this twice as it's own post and hasn't worked either time, so this might be the third time I'm posting it, but at least here it will probably work.)

Hey everyone, my name is Hillary Godwin, a hopeful psychology major with a neural and behavioral sciences concentration, from D.C. I would definitely say the piano has been very influential in my life. I’ve played the piano ever since I can remember, and although I stopped taking lessons when I was in middle school, I still find myself playing it frequently. It was a great way to de-stress after class throughout high school, and always calmed me down when I was in a bad mood. The ability to read music and master songs that I sought out to learn gave me something creative to focus on that was entirely personal and self-motivated. The piano has been an entirely positive addition to my life, and I can’t imagine what I would have done without it.


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Introducing myself

  Hello! I am merlin). I had never quite caught onto the texting craze before entering college, and now seem to text endlessly because "all my friends do it." How frustrating it seems that some parents will just never be able to understand how sending 1500 messages in one month is even physically possible "Dad, 1500 isn't even that many compared to everyone else! It takes you 20 minutes to send just ONE" Long story short, the advent of the cell phone and the text message has been very important to my social and even sometimes academic world. It proves useful for the quick and efficient transmission of knowledge and information. However being part of a generation that was on the cusp of a technological explosion, I can look at cell phones and texting from a time when it wasn't around. I have had the experience of having a relationship with a person or two from a distance and have relied upon the text message as the primary source of communication. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that although it's important, texting comes at the risk of replacing a person with your imaginary visualization of that person. You're not talking to Betty or Tom or Stephanie anymore, you're talking to a machine. Sometimes I find myself not imagining that person himself saying the words on the screen, and sometimes this dilemma may even cause confusion and misunderstanding. One is more likely to place his or her own (sometimes incorrect) interpretation onto a text message more easily. Over time, I have come to see my relationship with this form of technology as love/hate.

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