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On Intelligence

            OnIntelligence: How A New Understanding Of The Brain Will Lead To The Creation ofTruly Intelligent Machines offers a new perspective on the inner workingsof the most complex human organ. Written by Jeff Hawkins, this book links together the science of thebrain and the logic of the world of computers.  Hawkins is founder of Palm Computing and Handsping, twocomputing companies which invented the Palm Pilot and the Treo, respectively.  Known for his ability to innovateintelligent technology, Hawkins is yearning for more. 

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The Effects of Music on Athletic Performance

In the age of technological gadgets, music has become more than just background noise at a party.  Mp3 players and music downloading sites such as iTunes have made music a part of people’s everyday routine.  For some, music has become a vice.
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Into Thin Air...

            A hobby that is as dangerous as it is exhilarating is that of mountain climbing.

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It's Deja Vu All Over Again...

            We have all had those moments where we find ourselves in a situation that we consciously know we have never been in; yet, there is a strange familiarity that creeps into the back of our heads. The phenomenon known as déjà vu was first used by French philosopher and psychic, Emilie Boirac, in his book, L'Avenir des Sciences Psychiques (3).  A French phrase for “already seen”, many who experience déjà vu have the feeling that they have actually experienced the same event or situation at a previous date.  This sense of familiarity can be eerily unsettling. 

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