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During the second part of our

During the second part of our first set of panels (1.2?) kgould represented Major Motoko Kusanagi, and talked about gender as something kind of... fluid, or irrelevant. The Major could take on a male or female gender. Kgould also identified the Major as a cyborg...but Haraway seems to think otherwise, saying that cyborgs have "no truck with bisexuality" (I'm assuming she means the binary system/the idea of two sexes). So the ability to flip between two sexes does not make one "post-gendered." A destruction of binaries/categories is required for this, as Haraway reminds us more or less often. So what do we call these creatures, seemingly cyborgs but not quite? quasi-cyborgs? cy-halves? It doesn't seem like any of us are cyborgs yet. But those who identify as genderqueer...are they getting close?
Implications of new technology, huh? Something that comes to mind is nuclear warfare...the chemicals continue to devastate in a multitude of ways. Were the effects worth the "benefits"? People don't seem to be too good at judging these sort of implications, or rather, the need to consider these implications


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