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When is my deadline?

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I have been struggling since we talked about excessability to figure out how one can crip deadlines in a practical way that keeps the subjects of the deadline accountable. Is there a happy medium between excessability and normative time? With no consideration to how practical it would be for the enforcer of the deadline (for example, the teacher), the ideal situation for the subjects of the deadline (i.e., the students) seems to be for their deadlines to be determined on a case by case basis. But who can determine how long exactly it will take for a project to be completed other than the person completing the project? What if they’re wrong? It seems that everyone’s time would have to be ‘cripped’ somehow. Who even operates on normative time? No matter what system we use, are we to be entirely governed by the arbitrary?

I had trouble completing the web event on time this past weekend because I’m still learning to balance my self-care for my own anxiety disorder with schoolwork. A cripped deadline would have been extremely useful for me. But I can’t think of a due date that would have worked better, even if I was not bound as I am in the constraints of normative scheduling in all of my other classes. My disability is chronic and the nature of it does not necessarily mean that it takes longer for me to complete educational tasks. There’s no way to explain it in the context of deadlines, I can only say that my work might possibly be interrupted by my disorder; I don’t know for how long or how often. How do I medicalize/standardize that? How do I find my deadline? And in a larger sense, how do I find a place for myself in the normative institutions I will continue to find myself in as I continue to be a productive member of society? I wish I didn’t have to live on the products of our success, but I don’t see how failure can pay the bills. I think I struggle most with the fact that I will continue to fail in terms of normative standards of success. As I said, my anxiety is chronic. If I can’t crip my surroundings, should I separate myself from the norm? How?