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 It's really interesting to

 It's really interesting to think that maybe we do live in other worlds than the one we ascribe to be real. 

Not physically, perhaps, but what is physicality anyway?

Look at people who play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft (WoW.) This is maybe a little more literal than the examples given above (mermaids, robots, talking animals), but I think it paints a similar picture.

A character is constructed. That character is developed, used to play in this virtual world, for hours, days, weeks, months. Communities of players are forged together, not based off of the person behind the character, but off of the character itself. The character, for all intents and purposes, is real. It is another facet of that person's personality, of their reality. 

That isn't to say that every WoW player sees their character as a facet of themselves, or feels that invested into the game-- but if you've ever played a video game before and you've lost data, accidentally deleted a file, destroyed a character, then you might have felt the anger and the loss, the sadness, that comes with the loss of that information.

How is that not real? How is that not a world?...


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