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Everyone believes in white

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Everyone believes in white superiority.  I am not saying "all Caucasians";  I am saying the whole world believes in white superiority.  I have often wondered why.  Speaking as a teacher of small children we know that African genes generally show as excellence of large muscle development, Asian genes, as excellence of small muscle development and inteligence, indigenous American genes as capacities of the spirit unknown from any other part of the world.  I believe the European genes must have some special excellence, but I have been unable to find it.  A few years ago there was a short piece in the Alumnae Bulletinon the work of Nina Jablonski '75 on the evolution of skin color.  It was noted that because of the female's greater need for Vitamin D, women all parts of the world have statistically lighter skin than their male counterparts.  "Mother is fairer --- mother is the source of all good things --- thus fairer is better"  is a natural equation.  I looked up the word 'fair' in the dictionary.  Of Anglo-Saxon origen it can mean almost every sort of excellence, including beautiful and light and just.  That satisfies me as a reason why --- until I find something better.


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Calderon I am from


I am from Guatemala and believe that you are living around of Volcan de Pacaya? Am I wrong? I was reading some of your postings and I was wondering why you wrote,  “Everyone believes in white superiority.” Is it something you felt specifically in Guatemala? Or is it something you have felt your entire life? I was wondering if you thought that everyone believes in white superiority in Guatemala, because the nurturing way in which my people treat you?  If so I think that you should ask them if in fact they think in white superiority, because honestly I doubt it.  You are from another country and come to see the beauty and culture of such amazing country and that’s it why they try to make you feel as if you were home.  I also think that they are delighted that you come from so far to see what they see everyday. I am also assuming that you are living with indigenes that haven’t gone to school (some of them are way more intelligent than those of us who actually do) and do not know or care about race as much as others.  I encourage you to ask them what they think about the color white.  Si no sos vegetariana comete un par de chorizos con frijoles colados y salsa bien picosa y que no se te olvide ordenar un par de pishtones y de tomar una horchata bien fria.  (comete esto a mi salud) 
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I love Guatemala

You are so right, Guatemala is so beautiful, the people and the country itself are so generous and so hospitable, they embrace one with so much warmth, etc. etc. that it is a miracle.  Yes, I noticed this belief in white superiority long ago.  The mother of a childhood friend, a neighbor, told me that her mother was Indian and her father Negro (her names for them);  she was the only one of the children to take after her father and her siblings looked down on her and rejected her as 'black'.   But then later in graduate school we had agood friend from Nigeria who was almost black (he played soccer with my husband and his legs were the most beautiful I have seen to date: like an old bronze statue outdoors)  I feel sure he had never imagined that anyone was superior to him;  there was no assumed superiority either.  I asked him once if he felt superior to others.  He replied that he was a chief's son and had known all his life that he was superior, not better, he said, but superior, yes.  It warms me to think about him, long dead.  If, as I believe, we owe to our mothers' lighter color our feelings that lighter is more beautiful, there is no way we are going to remove that from our selves.  It is, by now, a fact of human life.  When I encounter that feeling directed at me, all my being says, "but not better, not better".  As you can see in my latest blog entry, my ugly coloring has helped me hold on to that thought.  I should say "used to help me", because I no longer need it.  No one can put me down; no one can lift me up.  I still put myself down some.....

Si nos tratamos de vos ¿me puede corregir?  Lo oigo todos los dïas, pero nunca tuve a quien hablarlo. 

I didn't respond to all you say, but I will another day.  

                                                           Mary Belle