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Bubbles and Space

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I enjoyed Joyce's lesson on bubbles today and it raised many questions for me.  I initially got a little stuck on the goal of the lesson.  Would it be "Identifying the importance of variables" or "What makes the best bubble?"  There I was, stuck on content again!  I like the idea of having an overall goal of "Introducing the Scientific Method."  Hmmmm .... I think I need more time for this...


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Bubbles the Clown

Well, of course there's no clown, actually Joyce is quite an actress! What a incredible display of Joyce's talents. I think those who teach High School have to be of a different thread, and Joyce has that sewn-up.

I loved the idea at the start, adults need time to relax and contemplate images! I'm not sure how I can adapt that introductory lesson for sixth graders. But I think if I sit down and come up with some creative visualizations, I may find a way.

I am cautiously optimistic that I may soon get a job teaching middle school science, and I am using this lesson as a demonstration lesson next week. But I will modify the lesson to meet the needs of inner city sixth graders.

Here's an extension I thought of- using two different sized straws when blowing the bubbles...


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I definately enjoyed the lesson on bubbles. I can't wait to try this with my first graders! I thought the way the lesson was introduced allowed for the particiants to tap that subconcious we have been talking about.  It was relaxing and a creative way to introduce a new topic. I found the way Joyce presented the information to be open to generate questions and answered in ways that generated more thinking from the participants.  During the lesson participants were engaged and participating actively throughout the entire time. There was little down time and  all the conversations were focused on the task at hand. I hope that my trial run goes half as smooth.

My question is about the scientific method.

Did you introduce the scientific method earlier in the week or do you present it after?