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I got Lost on the Way because the Map was not Accurate

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I am not sure that I can definitely say that I like A Field Guide to Getting Lost better than I like Reality Hunger, but  Solnit does make it a point to question quite clearly this notion, that as a society we like to “juxtapose ‘calculate’ with the ‘unforeseen.’”  We like to use what we know to categorize the future, or condemn the future to the “realness” of the past. But have we not all come to question the manner in which the past or rather past actions have affected society? We have seen that in all aspects of life, the past—past ideology thought to be “real” and unquestionable— has failed to run an equalized society. What we need to do, is get lost as Solnit inquires.

“Lost really has two disparate meaning. Losing things is about the familiar falling away, getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearing.”  

“Happiness”- Sung by Lee Ann Womack

Down at the lost highway cafe
I met a man there with a map in his hand
He said "I'm a little bit confused, and I'm not sure where I am"
He said I'm trying to find this place
Been trying to get there for a long, long time
Then he smiled and looked away,
and asked me if I'd heard of happiness

I told him that it just might take a while
Maybe some years, and a lotta miles
Go down the road to you hit partyville
Don't stop unless you're lookin' for cheap thrills
Go past love to you hear wedding bells
Stop and honeymoon, and rest a spell
You might get lost on the way is my guess
It ain't easy finding happiness

He said I think I understand
I better go before the sun goes down
Cause it's hard to see at night, and I just don't trust my eyes anymore
I said "goodluck" and watched him leave,
He hit the fastlane, then he disappeared
Just another weary traveller like so many trying to find his way back home
There's so many stops along the way
You keep on hoping that there'll come a day
I should have told him but I think he knows
So many places where he shouldn't go
So many souls that get turned around
Lookin' and wonderin' why it can't be found
It's a straight shot past loneliness
Why can't we seem to find happiness?
It's easy to get turned around I guess
On the road to happiness

(sorry could only find a sample)




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