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Bubbles and Space

I enjoyed Joyce's lesson on bubbles today and it raised many questions for me.  I initially got a little stuck on the goal of the lesson.  Would it be "Identifying the importance of variables" or "What makes the best bubble?"  There I was, stuck on content again!  I like the idea of having an overall goal of "Introducing the Scientific Method."  Hmmmm .... I think I need more time for this...

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Diane, Wil and I collaborated to come up with the following template to integrate into a metacognitive lesson:


I. "What are the first three words that come to mind when I say ____________________________."

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Introduction to Moira Messick

Hi, I am Moira Messick, a Communique team teacher at Bala Cynwyd Middle School.  Communique is an interdisciplinary seventh grade program based on the theory of multiple intelligences and communication skills.  It is an optional program in which sixth grade students apply and forty six students are selected by lottery for the following school year.  I am responsible for science, english, and art.  My partner, Denny Dool, teaches history and english.  We are a great team and love breathing life into the curriculum together.    It is a marvelous job.

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