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Introduction to Moira Messick

Moira Messick's picture

Hi, I am Moira Messick, a Communique team teacher at Bala Cynwyd Middle School.  Communique is an interdisciplinary seventh grade program based on the theory of multiple intelligences and communication skills.  It is an optional program in which sixth grade students apply and forty six students are selected by lottery for the following school year.  I am responsible for science, english, and art.  My partner, Denny Dool, teaches history and english.  We are a great team and love breathing life into the curriculum together.    It is a marvelous job. My goal for students is to help them become "life long learners" who are able to make meaningful connections from the classroom to their "real worlds."  I love project-based teaching because it is an empowering mode for students to achieve these goals.  Despite the accomodating block-schedule format,  I find it challenging to cover all of the standards within the constraints of the school year.  We also must battle the misperception that kids on other teams learn more content because they more traditional assessments such as weekly tests and quizzes.  Luckily the program's thirteen year history is the best defense:)  We have always had incredible support from the community and the school district.

My job rocks but I love my family even more.  I have been blessed with a supportive husband, Jesse and two beautiful daughters, Kate (5) and Caroline (2).  They are a constant source of joy for me.

My favorite Michael Jackson song?  I am a visual learner so the music video effects my opinion on this "Black or White."