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"knowing something" as embodied process

Yep, what we know now influences what we know next.  That doesn't though mean either that we all have to have the same preparation ("education") to derive some benefit from hearing other peoples' experiences/understandings about the brain or that peoples' existing understandings, wherever they come from, are irrelevant to further understanding of the brain. Yep, the "the relationship ... is more complex than ... a scheme that operates in only one direction."  Its a loop: that which is being influenced is also influencing (as per finding sense in a whirlpool).  And so different people may take from our course different things, as well as contribute different things to further thinking about the brain.  Maybe that's a good thing rather than a probem?  Maybe that's a characteristic, a desireable one,  of knowledge in general?  One that should be more clearly acknowledged in education?  To "know something" isn't independent either of  particular knowers or of the process of creating knowledge?     


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