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The wall, the spirit; The outside, the nature

wanhong's picture

I chose the wall with alumni's words (at the campus center) as the best representation of Bryn Mawr. I believe it shows our school spirit that has remained for decades, and the words are still enlightening every Bryn Mawr woman passing by. The natural view outside changes rapidly, and the society fluctuates, but Bryn Mawr kept it's original shape by passing on the spirit that encourages her students to be independent and strong, to challenge the authority and to make a difference in this world.


The place I would like to stay, however, was on an edge of the campus near my dorm in Brecon. It was not so high, but it gives me a clear vision of many important components of the campus: the artificial road and lamps, the stairs that I have to climb everyday, the crowded yet scattered green plants, the play field, the seemingly faraway central campus, and people passing by. The scenary I observe from this spot is like a physical "sample" of the campus, including everything I am interested in, and makes my mind become peaceful. I would like to sit here, wondering, observing, thinking...


The inner space of the campus center was indoors, always warmed by light and fulfilled by the school spirit. It has a relatively stable environment created by human. The place I would stay, on the other hand, was outdoors, green in most of the places, and changing swiftly with weather or seasons. It's surrounding world has greater fluidity and more actions, enabling me to learn more about the relationship between human and nature.