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Towards Day 11 (Wed, Oct. 10): Field Trip to Harriton House

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* Meet in the
English House parking lot @ 1 (Nan, Anne and froggies315 will be driving; I told Bruce we would be there by 1:15, and need to leave @ 2:30)

* Directions: leaving the campus center, turn left to go west (and downhill) one block on New Gulph Road. At the traffic light, turn right onto Roberts Road. At the next intersection, take the left fork onto Harriton Road. The entrance to the Harriton Park is immediately on your left. 

* in preparation, please spend some time on the Harriton House website, and come w/ several questions for its director, Bruce Gill. I would be very unhappy if I'm the only one asking questions (as per my gravestone...:)

Read also Michael Pollan, "Weeds are Us." The New York Times Magazine, and
Richard White, "Are You an Environmentalist or Do You Work for a Living?"
--these are essays that invite you to re-orient your relation to nature around work,
rather than "pleasure" or "leisure" or "escape" from the stresses of your work life...
and I think will serve as a good introduction to a field trip to a farm