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Serendipity is a shimmering story

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My mosaic is made of tons of pictures from my Friday trip to Magic Garden. The main photo is about two childs playing on a swing. I also include the original photo below. And the background is a collage of more than three hundred photos that I took on my trip to South Philadelphia. So you probably can't see the small phtos clearly.

It is serendipity that lead us to the Magic Garden. It is serendipity that help us find the other shimmering mosaics. It is serendipity that "guide" us to this children's playground. Our city experience was like a child's play. We stumbled into things we never imagined to see. We climbed onto the strings only kids would play with. That's why I made this child-like mosaic.

Each mosaic tells a shimmering story. It's where we could find serendipity.


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comment on structure

Claire's main focus were the kids in the playground on the swings. The children were a reflection of play in the city and the image stuck throughout her experience of south Philly. She made tiles and tiles of other pictures of her adventure through the day but she made them all transparent in the background to the main image that stood out for her, which was the children in the playground.

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Claire, this is beautiful. I look forward to seeing it in person so I can take more and better notice of the small pictures that make up the  image.