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On a semester

            I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. When I decided to take the class I only did so as a bit of an adventure. I mean, I had never taken the course and after taking Gender & Technology I was thirsty for more knowledge on gender. I honestly didn’t have much of an expectation entering this class, as I wasn’t quite sure what we would be doing. All I know is it was a good place to start and see where the movement would take me.

            I felt the first great push in our discussion of culture as a disability. The topic intrigued me not only because I felt strongly towards some of the readings, but also because I found myself wondering how culture disabled us in/through our dreams. My adventure was taking off quickly. By the time we started discussing the difference between sex and gender I wanted to bring the idea back home. I questioned Bryn Mawr College’s policy regarding the admission of transgender women. Following this work I moved on to looking at the College’s history, mission and future. I stated my desire for transgender students’ admittance into the College and gave my reasoning’s. In the end I found myself wanting to know even more than before. I set up meetings with the Admissions Office, the Athletics Department, and Residential Life. I pause my journey here, ending with a mock brochure created for prospective students. This brochure, unlike the one’s the school gives out answers some questions transgender students may have before applying to Bryn Mawr.

            I feel like I took a lot more initiative in my own learning than I have in my past. I found many movements that interested me and just went with them. I read the assigned readings, some closely, some not as much, but still came to class feeling prepared. I’ve tried to continue conversations on Serendip by commenting on others’ posts. As a senior I’m upset that I had no idea what Bryn Mawr’s policy is on the attendance of transgender students at the college. I love, however, that I found a question that interested me and was able to follow it as far as I wanted to. I’m glad that I didn’t focus on a different topic in each paper, because though that has it’s benefits, I truly feel that I’ve moved, that I’ve learned.

            In regards to my participation in our group work, I could have done better. During our class time, often I found myself listening. I love listening in a classroom because it generally takes me a bit to mull over an idea and I like hearing others’ perspectives. However, I do think that while in the larger group I could have participated more by speaking up. Though, I don’t think this is a necessary part of my own learning, or my aiding in others’ learning. When broken up into smaller groups, I found myself participating more. This is why I like small groups, it feels more intimate, as well as giving each member the opportunity to speak and listen.

            I loved being in class, but I absolutely LOVE being outside of class, on Serendip. This is, I believe, my 7th class using Serendip and I have grown to love the process. As someone who can be shy in speaking up in class, Serendip has given me the opportunity to speak up in a different way and in my own time (within reason).

            I enjoyed most of our readings for class, but to be completely honest I still do not enjoy reading about biology. I don’t like too much fact, or information that seems like fact. I like theory, I like action, I like play! Reading Roughgarden, for the second, maybe third time now…I have to admit, I understood the readings a tad bit better, but my mind seems to reject too much science! I absolutely loved Little Bee as I’m sure is the case for many of my classmates, this was my favorite reading the entire semester.

            In regards to the effort I put into webposting I can honestly say that I’ve worked really hard on the last 3 webpapers. I can also honestly say that I worked hard on the first web event, however, after the fact I realized that I could have done so much more. The fact that I could have done more isn’t what bothers me, but rather the fact that I didn’t. I was so consumed by life and getting work done, that I didn’t make time to go back and add to it.

            Overall, I really enjoyed the course and everyone I got to take it with. I hope to continue looking into a right relationship between Bryn Mawr College and transgender students. Thanks to everyone who helped my movement in class! 


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