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Class notes week 3

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February 5, 2013 

  • learner is an active agent 

 effort and ability--->authority ----->merit and privilege --->conceded cultivation---->accomplishment or? natural growth 

questions of structure                   

and freedom

What is missing from this? 

  • expectations/rituals (at home or at school) 
  • intrinsic/extrinsic 
  • different cultural logics 
  • is it black or white? literally?
  • to much stress in saying why it is important 
  • came from different experiences of school and class 
  • Can we generalize by class? Lareau say it is 
  • all educative experiences but the payoff is different in our society 

Other ideas from the Lareau 

  • how much does what a person wants matter? 
  • How free is someone to define his or her own route? 
  • How much does someone know what hey want?
  • How are does opportunity condition desire? Different students have different experiences and how do those experiences shape what they want? 
  • How much is choice a function of privilege? 
  • Is it a privilege to not  know what you want? be able to experiment? Is it important to be able to "not know" ?
  • How do we define our tracts? How do we use language to define our experiences? 

Believing Lareau                                                              

  • she has different research team, more lenses 
  • have seen coincides of race and class in school 
  • mixed up poor and rich as white and black 

  Disbelieving Lareau 

  • cultural differences of "treating the family dog" (what if they don't have a dog)
  • How families would interact with field workers 
  • fear of being wrong 
  • margin of error in being witnessed, it can't be completely "natural" 
  • ignores connection between class and race hierarchies 
  • ignores 
  • too black and white           
  • she went against caution that her research could be mis used 
  • can't identify with one or the other, both are involved in my life 
  • women analysis a boy? gender?       

February 7th, 2013 

Terms for vocabulary and idea development:

  • cultural capitol -helps people be placed in "higher tracks", not explicitly taught in school, 
  • "private" and "public" 
  • emphasis on academic achievement
  • favoritism 
  • expectation: who is "supposed" to succeed? 
  • potential capability 
  • gifted and talented
  • Material realism: our ideologies are determined by "what you can put your hands on" and by your environment 
  • convenience-more challenging to do domestic work when our transportation, roads, etc are difficult to use 
  • "special" 
  • "entitled" "constrained"  
  • classes giving pride even if they shouldn't be in them? 
  • "gate-keeping" 
  • systems differ 
  • parental advocacy, parental networks:knowledge of what to say and what to do (competent mother) 
  • myth of meritocracy 
  • unearned advantage-----> dominance vs. unearned entitlement 


  • middle class parents desire to broaden their child's "work view" through activities comes from the perspective of white privilege
  • knowing baroque from classical music at age nine makes you a better person, citizen and father
  • the field workers have the responsibility to report physical abuse (when is it abuse and when is it punishment)