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Notes Towards Day 10: Sharing our anti-self-portraits

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To start: Laura's gallery of portraits

And then: sharing our anti-self-portraits
You can use any medium you want—drawing, painting, photo, video, performance, text, sculpture, installation. As long as you can properly present it, by bringing it to class or documenting it.

It can be a proposal for a bigger project that can’t be executed in two days, but you need to provide sketches of what it would look like. An actual work is preferred.

I can be about whatever you want, but it should be something that is important to you and inspires you. It can be about a personal experience or about something else that is very meaningful to you.

Think about the different strategies to get someone to pay attention. Drama, humor, fantasy, appropriation from culture, etc. Think about the examples Laura Swanson showed us on Tuesday.

During classtime on Thursday, we will present these exhibition style. You will set up your work and have a brief written statement next to it. In 3-5 sentences, please state the title (if applicable), write about what your inspiration was, what you are expressing, and the reasons behind the strategies you chose.

7-9 p.m. on Thursday evening, again in EH Lecture Hall: Laura will also offer a portrait
session (you can sit for your portrait w/ her...also not required but highly encouraged!)

by 5 p.m. on Sun, 10/6: your first 5-pp. web "event" due, on self-representation
(perhaps, but not necessarily, including the 'portrait' you've just made,
and commentary on its "gendered"/ungendering qualities...)