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Brain, Science, and Inquiry Based Education 2010: Roster

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Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education
K-12 Summer Institute 2010



K-12 teachers

Portfolio index pages Mini-projects pages
Ashley Dawkins Wave/particle duality
cdivo39 The art of acting and how science may or may not influence it
Geneva Tolliferreo  
GShoshana ADHD
jtheriot Probing deep understanding
Judith Lucas-Odom


Open-ended definition

Keith Sgrillo

Diversity and acceptance: being less wrong

Using the unconscious as a monitoring and assessment tool

Kim Fuller Parent involvement
Mattie Davis  
Recycle Jack Marine Inner city realities
Regina Toscani Overcoming learned helplessness
Susan Dorfman


Micro and macro communication

Each portfolio page should have a link to your portfolio index page.  The portfolio index page should in turn be linked to the institute home page.  Be sure you know how to create additional portfolio pages,  and create links from them from to your index page and back again.  You will be adding later additional pages, including a stipend proposal and reflections during the year.

BMC faculty co-organizers

BMC student facilitators



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