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Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education

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Schools are factories?

We watched this video during a small group activity with other teachers and had some discussion on it. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share:

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Teaching in the Cyber World

What was my role?

This year was my first year teaching in the virtual setting
as a math specialist. In this role I remediate seventh graders who are not
where they “need” to be mathematically for their grade level. I see each
student twice a week for about 45 minutes. 
I have had several barriers throughout the year due to the students’ own
barriers. It definitely has been very different for me working in this world. I
will give you a glimpse of it.

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What We Have Done!

This was an exciting year for inquiry.  My students and I took what we learned this summer and included it from the first day of school.  My students became out of the box thinkers and they were able to look at old ideas in new ways.

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Doodle Brain: Doodling and Daydreaming

 Stars, hearts, horseshoes, cubes, faces, stick figures, houses, suns, moons, balloons, Charles Darwin, flowers, apples, eyes, clouds, cars, Sigmund Freud, grass, leaves, gardens, Walt Whitman, skulls, flames, curly Qs, geometric patterns, and Professor Grobstein.

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The purpose of education: preparation or .... living?

Excerpted, with minor modifications, from a manuscript in preparation (July, 2010) by Paul Grobstein and Alice Lesnick tentatively titled "'Rethinking Preparation: An Evolutionary Model (and Metaphor?) of Education."  Made available as a contribution to discussions in a session of the Bryn Mawr Summer K-12 Institute on Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education, and other relevant discussions of education.   Comments are welcome in the on-line forum at the end of this page.