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Managing your institute portfolio

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Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education
K-12 Summer Institute 2010


Because of how Serendip functions, there are two different pages related to your portfolio materials. 

One is your "blog page."  This is an automatically generated list of all your portfolio materials  in chronological order.  You cannot edit this page and don't need to pay any attention to it but may find it useful to locate portfolio materials you've created.  It includes page titles for all materials you've created.  Click on the title to get to the material in a form you can edit.  This is the page you will get to if you click on "My portfolio" under your name in the grey bar to the right on any page after you've logged in. 

The other, more important page is your "portfolio index page." This is a page you created to list your portfolio materials related to the institute in whatever order/format you prefer.  It is the page linked to from the institute participant list on the institute home page, and the page visitors will get to from there.  It is also one of the items included on the "blog page."  Each time you add a new portfolio page, you should edit your portfolio index page to add there a link to your new material.


To create new portfolio pages

  1. Go to /exchange/bsie10/home
  2. Log in (Serendip user name, password)
  3. Click on "Create Group Post" under "Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education" in the grey bar to the right
  4. Write or paste materials there; add a line that links that page to your "portfolio index page"
  5. Save; copy the URL of the new portfolio page you have created; edit your "portfolio index" page to include a link to the new portfolio page; save.
  6. You can get to your portfolio index page in either of the following ways
  • click on "My Portfolio" under your name in the grey bar to the right, and then on the title of your portfolio index page
  • click on your username at /exchange/bsie10/roster


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