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Music is my Serendipity

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Reading Sunstein's article reminded me of how I discovered what would eventually become a huge part of my life. People who know me know that Lifehouse has been my favorite band for a solid six years, but they don't know that I discovered this band totally by accident.  My dad subscribed to a radio station and would receive monthly CDs with wide ranges of music.  He normally requested not to have them sent, but this particular month he forgot and we received it. My sister and I were bored several months later and figured we might as well listen to it. We weren't really into it until "Whatever it Takes" came on and we both loved it.  We immediately searched for other songs by Lifehouse and eventually found a small community of fans who were accepting of everyone and genuinely some of the nicest people I've ever met.  Had I not stumbled across Lifehouse completely by accident I would never have met some of the people I think of as my closest friends or become as close as I am with my sister.