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The Breaking Project

Creative Disruptions in Thinking, Writing, and Creating 

This is an evolving space for publishing and exploring writing, artwork, and film that come from experiences of Breaking: choosing radical change — Breaking away, in, up, through, down, out, . . . ground, free . . . the cycle, the spell, the mold. 


Current Feature: Writing and Art by Marsha Pincus

Click here to read Marsha's Breaking pieces 

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Breaking is a way to:

                      • Reconsider the frameworks we come from
                      • View the viewing-lenses we look through
                      • Disrupt to create
                      • Make big changes, free up new energy


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Please take a look at what’s on the Project now, participate in any of the discussions/explorations, and create your own Breaking Project!

Radical, conscious change is multi-media and interdisciplinary.
Any form that interests you is relevant.