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The Hindbrain Magnified

HUMAN 4x Photomicrograph Human Hindbrain 10x Photomicrograph Human Hindbrain  N/A
MONKEY 4x Photomicrograph Monkey Hindbrain  10x Photomicrograph Monkey Hindbrain  N/A
CAT 4x Photomicrograph Cat Hindbrain 10x Photomicrograph Cat Hindbrain  N/A
RAT 4x Photomicrograph Rat Hindbrain 10x Photomicrograph Rat Hindbrain  20x Photomicrograph Rat Hindbrain
FROG 4x Photomicrograph Frog Hindbrain 10x Photomicrograph Frog Hindbrain  N/A

As with the cerebellum photomicrographs, these magnifications of slides of the hindbrain all look quite similar to each other. When we looked at brains on a large scale we did notice some differences in gross structure. Yet, now that we have magnified them to a great degree, the differentiation between animals seems to blur. Do you notice how similar all the neurons of the animals are? Click here to learn more about the neuron, or click one of the buttons below to continue magnifying parts of the brain.


Click here to magnify the forebrain                       Click here to magnify the cerebellum


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