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Darwin May Have Missed Something

CharlesDarwin in the Origin of Species explainsthe reasons for sexual behavior to be for the purpose of passing down one’sgenes and increase one’s chances of survival. This does not always seem to bethe case as research shows that there are many sexual behaviors that don’t fitin with Darwin’s theory. Some of these include human sexual behavior and manyof them include animal sexual behavior. If Darwin had known about these sexual behaviorsit is possible that he would have altered his theory to better fit the actualworld.

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Determining Personalities: Genetics or Environment

Every person on this planet has a personality that hasdeveloped over the course of his or her life. There have been a numerous numberof explanations as to why people behave in the way they do. The majorreasoning’s given for the development of personalities is either genetics orenvironment. Why do we have the personalities we do? Is it because of theparents that we have, or is it because of the environment we grow up in?

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The Narrator Changes the Story

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Ambiguity Through Time

After discussingbiological evolution, turning to the evolution of literature, it was difficultto see a connection of evolutionary characteristics that were similar in both.In this paper I will be focusing on the biological aspect of evolution as it hasbeen studied over history. Historically speaking the human evolved from a notso complicated creature to a creature that seems to now have a multitude ofambiguous feeling to it. By this I mean that in the past while humans wereunderstood by the means of looking at physical characteristics and apparentpersonality characteristics, now it has become much more complicated.

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Trying to Solve Depression in Children

The topic ofchildhood depression is an increasingly growing field of psychology because itis an increasingly growing problem that has no good solution. Treatment foradult depression includes many kinds of therapy, some neurological work, andmedication. Treating many problems adults have with medication has been mostuseful, but can we use the same medication that treats adults, on children?

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The Restriction's Placed On Us Because of a "Search For Meaning"

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All In Your Head

Striving to find a “soul-mate” is a common goal amongstmany people. The

soul mate a person looks for has to be compatible in manyways and at least to me

the most important factor in a person is his or herpersonality. People fall in love

with a person’s ‘self’, with whom they are inside, or atleast this is what I used to

believe. After some research and from what I’ve gatheredfrom class, the process of

finding a ‘soul-mate’, I would argue, is a biologicalprocess.

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Evolution Before Culture Took Over

We in this high culture think that we have evolved beyondcannibalism which in the past was much more prevalent than it is now. Accordingto one theory of evolution, species evolve up a scale in which humans are atthe top. Is it possible to move back on this evolutionary scale? Could humans,if put in the right conditions de-evolve? Several events in history suggestthat the answer could be yes, but at the same time the world is supposed to bemoving forward, not backward. Darwin argued that an environment a species isplaced in, if given enough time and the right circumstances, can lead to thatspecies evolving into something new. I would argue that the same concept couldwork to move a species backwards on an evolutionary scale.

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Mind Washing



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