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How to be a man

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This is another video sara.gladwin and I thought about setting the scene with. After choosing the "perfect gender" video to use instead, I saw no reason for also not sharing this one. Enjoy!

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Old Kids

Thank you for this great piece of your mind. I remember getting to talk very candidly with my wife's parents before they died. I got to ask my wife's mother some very revealing questions which I do with people and most people just shut down. I was in line at a local Sub shop to get a sandwich the other day and the the guy was willing to degrade me in conversation but when I took that conversation in a direction he did not want it to go he just shut me down which is what a lot of people do which seems to be at the heart of web censorship and our inability to more than stagnate water in the stream of time and is likely our problems with the economy and a host of other things. Anyway I was so proud of her, a woman with the abilities of a super woman she agreed with me that people need to just pick an age and stay there. She told me how young she felt behind her eyes till she looked in a mirror. She said I was right about a lot of things and was proud to know me. How ever proud she was I felt a special closeness to her because she could talk about sex, love, and many things all the while watching the water flow by on Whidbey Island waiting for the barge to go home. We could cry together and I never felt less of a man by doing so.

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Just wanted to say that I

Just wanted to say that I LOVE this series, and a lot of them are really relevant (though I can't think of any off the top of my head)