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camden readings

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Hello Eco folks,

Here are some readings about Camden suggested by Michael for our class; I'm also including Michael's notes.  I'm posting them now in case you want to browse in them as we work on the lesson plans you're developing for our 5th grade partners.  We may also use some of these readings in other ways...,_New_Jersey -  - an introduction to the city. It might feel silly linking to a wiki article, but I think the language that persists there is the language used by those who have an affluent stake in Camden. Understanding that voice is an important part in understanding the city as a whole. - an article from a few years ago that has a clear slant and purpose, but focuses on an interesting story from our neighborhood. - incredibly dense and interesting. You might want to select sections of this instead of having your students read the entire thing. This pdf is particularly interesting because it details the state's involvement in the city and our neighborhood in particular.

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