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Food for Thought

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Prodigal Summer: To Nudge or Not to Nudge?

 Kathy De La Hoz


Paper 9, ESem

November 6, 2009

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The Trickster in Prodigal Summer(Final Paper)

The Trickster in Prodigal Summer
The book “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver seems to be chiefly about choices and how every choice that a character makes simultaneously creates and destroys situations for other characters in the book as well as for themselves. Hence, every character plays the role of a trickster. A trickster always falls into the trap of appetite. Similarly, the characters always fall into the trap of temptation.
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Wiping out Waste


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Roles of men and women

        Roles of Men and Women  

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Its The Final Countdown

 It happens twice a year. The panic. The late-night coffee runs. The sudden urge to escape your room filled with textbooks. Finals: we know that they are coming; yet, we still find ourselves scrambling as the hours, minutes, and seconds counting down to that next exam. E-mails appear daily calling all students to take a break from studying and come to concerts/meetings/food extravaganzas. What to chose: an extra hour of sleep, that additional 30 minutes of study time, or going to the dance showcase with the free food? In many people’s mind, the decision comes down to time management. But how well can we really “manage” our time? Time isn’t something that can be bought, packaged, or parceled out when we need it.

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Exercise in College

Lydia Jessup
1 October 2009                                                                                        

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Stress, Exercise, and GPA


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Bryn Mawr Switches Back to Styrofoam Containers; Haverford Hopeful for New Composter, Keeps Biodegradable Boxes



Bryn Mawr Switches Back to Styrofoam Containers

Haverford Hopeful for New Composter, Keeps Biodegradable Boxes



By Julie Mazziotta


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