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Curiculum Proposal

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Hello! Welcome to my page.


Me and Riley 2005 Institute. Stay Tuned.....

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Building Your Own Story and Letting Your Mind "PLAY"



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Now Some More Fun and Games

Have you ever considered that some of the difficulties we all have with reading is because our brain is having its own conflict with the in-put it is getting? Try the following exercise.

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Ok. So let's do a few activities. Click on the link below. When you get to the reading practice page, click on the "Reading Skills: Mini-stories with Cloze" activity #1. The idea here is to gage how quickly you can read a short excerpt as well as respond to the quesions (To return to this page, you will have to click the "BACK" button on your tool bar).

Reading Skills

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Resource Page

List of interactive resources for reading:

From Misunderstood Minds:

Understanding Decoding Problems:


Poetry Splatter:

Story Maker:

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Welcome to the beginnings of my page. Im just learning how to do this on the new system (thanks Paul, I just got used to the old one) The intention of this site is to change continuously and provoke change, not only within, but among others as well.




Emily Dickenson


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