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What’s so Good about the Good Old Days?

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 People always talk about “The Good Old Days”- the days without internet, when life was simple and easy. But what, really, was so great about those days?
Up until only 100 years ago, vaccines did not exist, and antibiotics were not discovered until only 80 years ago. during Ada Lovelace’s time, the main cure was to let someone’s veins bleed. The Doctor in Conceiving Ada told Ada to have a baby to cure her illness. Obviously, that is no longer a modern medical practice, just as leeching and bleeding no longer is. There are so many advantages to living in the present age that people never think of when extolling the “good old days”. Would we be willing to sacrifice sanitary toilets and daily showers for a simpler life? How about painless surgery for a life free of distractions? I would never, every want to live in any time other than the present. There is so many amazing inventions that people rarely extol when exasperated with the internet or the ads on T.V. 



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