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Ok. So let's do a few activities. Click on the link below. When you get to the reading practice page, click on the "Reading Skills: Mini-stories with Cloze" activity #1. The idea here is to gage how quickly you can read a short excerpt as well as respond to the quesions (To return to this page, you will have to click the "BACK" button on your tool bar).

Reading Skills

You guessed it! This simulates the experience you would have on a standardized tes.'d you do? As we try to engage eachother as well as our selves in the reading process, it is very important to consider the idea that with adequite time, one can read and comprehend what we read. This is an important aspect for any learning environment.

What We Also Need to Consider

If you have a group of many readers, it is highly likely that none of them will interpret what they read the same. Each brain has its own elaborate design and no two are the same. So it is safe to assume that the interpretation will be different. Let's try another example.

Using a piece of paper, number from 1-4. Read the following proverbs and write down what you think they mean next to their corresponding number. When you have finished, compare your answers with those of a neighbor.

1. Two Captains sink the ship.

2. Eggs must not quarrel with stones.

3. Many a good men are found under a shabby hat.

4. A person riding on another's back does not appreciate how far the water is.

So...did you find any diversity? Discuss with your neighbor what factors might contribute to the difference in your experiences.

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