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Curiculum Proposal

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Purpose- The purpose of this proposal is to use technology to better instruct students.  It will be used as a tool to have students follow steps for writing, researching, and possibly web or blog designs in the classroom.  It is extremely difficult to instruct students in the use of technology without the proper tools such as a computer projector.  I have tried to use computers in the classroom, though at times successful, and it has been extremely difficult and inefficient.  I would like to try to purchase the equipment necessary to instruct them with technology.  This technology will be extremely useful when providing students with projects and other aspects of the core curriculum such as Guided Reading.  I have used the computers for Guided Reading in the past, but the methods that are available without a projector are inefficient.  With proper modeling and guidance, students can develop better skills and knowledge for using computers as a learning tool instead of just recreation.



1)      Students will be able to use technology in the classroom for research, writing, possibly web or blog design

2)      Students will be able to follow a lesson as the teacher presents it to the class.

3)      Students will be able to work interactively with the teacher using computers with the aide of a projector for the computer.



Computer Video Projector

Computer software


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Your sister

Hey Keith,
I was messing round on the computer and google search our last name and wow it brought me here. That is such an awesome picture of you and Riley. Just wanted to say hello and I love you both very much.