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Hello! Welcome to my page.


Me and Riley 2005 Institute. Stay Tuned.....

Hello! And welcome to my page. My name is Keith Sgrillo. I am currently a teacher at Dr. John P. Turner Middle School in the Philadelphia School District. I have been teaching there for 6 years. I grew up in Haverford Township and attended the public school system in that district. I have had a great many influences in my educational career that led me to become a teacher. In fact, I knew I wanted to become a teacher at a very early age.

I can remember being in Mr. Kenny's 4th grade class at Eagleville Elementary school admiring his ability to connect with and understand the children in his class. Then on to 7th grade where I had a wonderful 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Batt, who also influenced me in not only my educational life but personal as well. Then in High School there were Mr. Corcran, Ms. Durso, Mr. Lair, and a host of many that contributed to the person I am today.

These teachers have helped contribute to the person that I am today and the roles I play as an person/eduator:

  • teacher
  • father
  • brother
  • son
  • football player
  • coach
  • nephew
  • friend

...and the list goes on. As you explore this site and the ideas within, I want you to be sure that you consider the idea that all of us are many things. It is this diversity within our selves that allows us to learn.

Consider this question:

If we are that diverese within our selves, what does that imply about our world and social interactions?


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