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Friday Group Planning Notes

Friday Lesson Plan 11/20 (collaborative!)

  1. Intro and fun question
    1. Which animal would you ride into battle?
    2. Plan for this book group is to wrap up Brothers and Keepers and then move on to some poetry, also hand out copies of a short story that we will discuss in two weeks.
  2. Wrap up on Brothers and Keepers
    1. The importance of voice in a story, with someone else framing it
    2. How does having John write the story take away from it or add to it?
  3. I Am From poetry
    1. Introduce what they are, using example
    2. Give everyone 10 minutes to write their own
    3. Sharing

Planning for Prison 10/30

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1) Introductions 

2) Re-emphasize guidelines (how do people feel about trying popcorn style vs no hands, reassert step up step back) - maybe try a check-in re:where they're coming from and how they learn best

3) Writing a scene that they feel was missing from "Burial at Thebes" [could alternatively expand on a scene that exists] --> reflection --> discussion with small group [broken into who would and wouldn't be comfortable performing]--> sharing with group as a whole [either performing it as a group or just describing it]

4) Assess the space- how are people feeling about Antigone? Do the scenes add to your appreciation of the play? 


Friday Lesson Planning

1) Introductions

2) Pass out Surveys

3) Plot Summary! 
      Handout family tree, we'll fill in the background/contextual information for the play, then we'll get a volunteer to do a basic summary of the book

4) Initial Scene Reading (either Creon & Haimon's argument or Creon's talk with the Seer)

5) Reflection/Reactions to the Reading

6) Discuss the Reflection

7) Use interesting lines from "Burial at Thebes" - four of them; have people separate into groups depending on which line they would like to discuss most

Lesson Plan 10/2

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Introductions - Tong

  • Intro to the course: "Welcome everyone! We are a reading and writing group from Bryn Mawr and Haverford colleges. We will be here for the next two months or so. Some of you might have been here already and have read our current book, Citizen. For those of you who have not, please do not worry! We are still excited to hear your thoughts on your first impressions of the book."
  • Everyone introduces themselves with name, pronouns, and ANIMAL + SUPERPOWER
  • Collective ownership of the guidelines: establish by going around, and each person reading one guideline.
  • Open up the floor to more guideline suggestions, if any. 

Freewriting/Silent time - Meera

Lesson Plan 09/11

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Class Plan for Friday Group 09/11



  1. ID
  2. Proper Clothes
  3. Proper Materials

11:50 Meet at ROCK ARCH

Leave Bryn Mawr at 12:01


As women walking in, welcome them, ask them to sign in and design a nametag


Meera (Intro to the course) (15 min)

-       Keep the women who come in late updated

-       Introduction to the course

            “We are a group from Bryn Mawr and Haverford College, and this is a reading, writing, and discussion group. This group will convene on Fridays for approximately 11 weeks.”