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Friday Lesson Planning

Arts of Resistance Tags

1) Introductions

2) Pass out Surveys

3) Plot Summary! 
      Handout family tree, we'll fill in the background/contextual information for the play, then we'll get a volunteer to do a basic summary of the book

4) Initial Scene Reading (either Creon & Haimon's argument or Creon's talk with the Seer)

5) Reflection/Reactions to the Reading

6) Discuss the Reflection

7) Use interesting lines from "Burial at Thebes" - four of them; have people separate into groups depending on which line they would like to discuss most

8) Discussion about whether people are finding the play relevant or not- in what ways can it connect to present day?

9) Distribute "Brothers and Keepers" 
       (May not start it next week, but this will allow people to start processing the denser text earlier)