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Schedule for "Shaping the Silence" in Anne's class

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Plan for 10-15 minutes of silence to open our shared classtime.
Thurs, Sept 17 Abby: a writing meditation
Tues, Sept. 22 Rosa: "power rooted in conviction shapes action"
Thurs, Sept. 24 Madison: Quaker style
Tues, Sept. 29 Joie: working with clay
Thurs, Oct. 1 Kieres: energy circle
Tues, Oct. 6 Madison & Meera: eye-locking exercise
Thurs, Oct. 8 Julia: Screaming Trees
Tues, Oct. 20 Riley
Thurs, Oct. 22 Jess Libow: "making silence communicative"
Tues, Oct. 27 Sula: mirroring exercise
Thurs, Oct. 29 Meera: yogic breathing
Tues, Nov. 3 Shirah & Joie: "the world as it is/should be"
Thurs, Nov. 5 Sylvia: free-write, then silently act out, an experience of silence
Tues, Nov. 10 Han: freewrite/brainstorm
Thurs, Nov. 12 Farida & Tong: sharing facts without speaking
Tues, Nov. 17 Julia, Sula and Rhett: the game "Killer"
Thurs, Nov. 19 Farida: improv scene
Tues, Nov. 24 Sylvia & Han: non-linear writing
Tues, Dec. 1 Rhett & Shirah: silent prayer and music
Thurs, Dec. 3 Tong: visualizing silence as a person
Tues, Dec. 8 Rosa & Abby: self-determined quiet time
Thurs, Dec. 10 Kieres & Riley: silence reflection and blessing