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Shaping Silence 12.1

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Today, we delved into a spiritual silence inspired by my Reform Jewish practice of silent prayer in services followed by music. I turned off the lights. We began by centering ourselves, breathing deeply and clearing our minds. I then explained what inspired me and talked a little bit about my personal silent prayer: a self-reflection that calms me, makes me think about where I am and where I want to go, how I can be a better person, what am I grateful for. We then took a few minutes to sit in silence and pray if we chose or simply reflect and connect. I played "One Voice" by The Wailin' Jennys to bring us from our individual silent reflections back to our community. Then we discussed and reflected on this experience. It seemed generally positive and thought-provoking for those who spoke. Some spoke of gratitude, others of contemplation, others of familiarity, others of resistance followed by appreciation. I am grateful and found it to be peaceful and relaxing. I am intrigued and inspired by your reflections and reactions. Thank you.