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Friday Lesson Plan 11/20 (collaborative!)

Arts of Resistance Tags

  1. Intro and fun question
    1. Which animal would you ride into battle?
    2. Plan for this book group is to wrap up Brothers and Keepers and then move on to some poetry, also hand out copies of a short story that we will discuss in two weeks.
  2. Wrap up on Brothers and Keepers
    1. The importance of voice in a story, with someone else framing it
    2. How does having John write the story take away from it or add to it?
  3. I Am From poetry
    1. Introduce what they are, using example
    2. Give everyone 10 minutes to write their own
    3. Sharing
  4. “Phenomenal Woman”? Other poem? Comment your choice!
  5. Introducing next short story
  6. Wrap ups