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Lesson Plan 10/2

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Introductions - Tong

  • Intro to the course: "Welcome everyone! We are a reading and writing group from Bryn Mawr and Haverford colleges. We will be here for the next two months or so. Some of you might have been here already and have read our current book, Citizen. For those of you who have not, please do not worry! We are still excited to hear your thoughts on your first impressions of the book."
  • Everyone introduces themselves with name, pronouns, and ANIMAL + SUPERPOWER
  • Collective ownership of the guidelines: establish by going around, and each person reading one guideline.
  • Open up the floor to more guideline suggestions, if any. 

Freewriting/Silent time - Meera

  • Mention that we are using this time to gather our thoughts, whether that means writing, catching up on reading, or sitting quietly
  • Prompt for writing: "How did you feel about the end of the book?" OR for new folks: "What feelings does the cover image evoke?" 
  • After 15 minutes, ask if anyone would like to share what they have written
  • Discussion
  • (Open up the floor to anyone who has not spoken before changing topics/secions)

Thought Train - Sylvia

Mirroring Claudia Rankine's Form: Exercise - Julia

  • Use example on page _____. Someone read aloud
  • Writing can be about your experience, or anyone else's experience that you know of, even something in the news right now
  • Try to write in Rankine's form
  • Say that you will have opportunity to share, but not required to
  • Open up floor for discussion


Ending - Tong

  • Pass out copies of Antigone for next week
  • Go around, check in
  • One word summing up their experience today before putting nametag back