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Harrison Bergeron Story

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i'm putting the short story i mentioned, 'the ones who walk away from omelas,' in our protected reading file.

and here's the link for another evocative story of the kind we were talking about, 'bloodchild,' suggested by farida, who overheard our conversation in class yesterday:

just to clarify:  we'll be discussing 'st. lucy's home for girls raised by wolves' next friday.  these other options would be possibilities for handing out next week and discussing on dec. 11, our last day of book group.

still outstanding is the question of whether we'll order a last book, perhaps just as a gift.  ideas raised were russell's book, St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, The Giver, and perhaps another title or two that i'm forgetting...and of course please feel free to add to this list.

PS just found my notes and also on the table were:  several stories by poe (the black cat and the masque of the red death), the book, jonathan livingston seagull, yellow wallpaper by charlotte gilman perkins, and dr. seuss' butter battle.