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Lesson Plan 09/11

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Class Plan for Friday Group 09/11



  1. ID
  2. Proper Clothes
  3. Proper Materials

11:50 Meet at ROCK ARCH

Leave Bryn Mawr at 12:01


As women walking in, welcome them, ask them to sign in and design a nametag


Meera (Intro to the course) (15 min)

-       Keep the women who come in late updated

-       Introduction to the course

            “We are a group from Bryn Mawr and Haverford College, and this is a reading, writing, and discussion group. This group will convene on Fridays for approximately 11 weeks.”

-       Going around say our name, one thing that makes us comfortable in the classroom, and a power color

-       Write down things women mentioned and organize afterwards


Julia (Intro to the Book)

-       Give out the book

-       Going off to the cover image

-       Free writing about the cover image (10min)

-       Go around and pick one word from the writing w/ pass option (5min)

-       Discuss the words we heard (10min)


Sylvia (Images from the Book)

-       Images on P19 and P33

-       Free writing about the images (10min)

-       Discuss writing (10min)


Tong (Ending) (10min)

-       Homework: At least try to read to Page 79, but can read the entire book if want to

-       Go around “check-in”

-       One word about their feelings right now and collect the name tags and materials we gave out