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Mushroom Hunting

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 - by Taylor Lockwood


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Taxonomic Key to Courtyard Organisms


Important Features for Identifying Edibles:

How to set up a spore print


Using Mushrooms for Natural Dyes.

Politically Correct Frois Gras


Easy Oyster Mushroom Pate':

1 part Philly Cream Cheese

5 parts Fresh Oyster Mushrooms (cooks down to about 2 parts)

2 gloves of garlic

crushed walnuts or almonds

salt & pepper to taste

splash of fresh lemon juice


Sautee mushrooms with butter and garlic until volume is reduced about 3-4 times.


Mix in cream cheese, allow to cool.

Roll and form into desired shape.

Drizzle with lemon juice.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Roll in crushed nuts and serve.