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Hey everybody! This is Pan.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Pan Hu from Beijing, China. I studied at a private international high school which teaches IB program. It's kind of unique in China because all the Chinese local schools teach students in order to help them get through a BIG exam which named GAOKAO. It is extremely tough because it's not a pass/not pass exam, it's a ranking exam, and it can only be taken once. Just a small percentage of students who did well on that exam can go to the those great Universities, otherwise they will fail.

Luckily, I did not study for the Gaokao. I chose three classes that interest me which are economics, philosophy, and physics. I enjoyed the small size class which students and teachers can have some interactions. We could even doubt what teacher said and pointed out the flawless. Education should be a process which students actively pursuing knowledge by learning the new things and finding out what contracted what they believed before. That's what I am looking for.

Improving the reading and writing skills are also my goal for this esem class.

When we put ourselves into some categorizes, I first thought of what my hobbies are, and what really matter to me. Kind of most of the students did the same things. We actually looked into ourselves rather than state our identities. I found that really interesting.