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Ed Tech Map

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In May, NewSchools released their latest map of the education technology market. The map is designed to serve multiple communities, not just educators. The map is a spatial representation of current K-12 edutech ventures, including more than 50 new companies that weren't on the previous version. Of course, the map focuses on K-12 resources, but some of the resources can be adapted for college level use. That aside, looking at the map itself is a useful diagram for understanding the types and breakdown of resources available. The largest categories are Curricula, Data, Talent Management, and Instructional Systems. The categories are not particularly intuitive, but NewSchools does provide "definitions and boundaries" for the mapping categories. When you click on any section of the map it opens up into smaller, more specific categories. Here's a small segment of the map:

When you pick one of the smaller categories, it takes you to the resources themselves, bringing up the list of relevant resources.

Clicking through the map can give educators a good sense of what's available. NewSchools has also partnered with EdSurge to continue extending and elaborating on the map. There's also an easy way to suggest resources for the map if you there are appear to be any glaring absences.


Types of OER:
  • Curated Resource Lists