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Biology 103 Web Paper 1

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Love & Hate Is In The Air

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Music and Order of Feeling

            Considering myself to be a fairly cognizant, observant person, I always notice when my heart goes aflutter, or sinks, or starts beating faster. There are several events that make my heart react this way: when I hope for eye contact with someone and then they meet my stare, when someone I like looks me in the eye, when I think of something scary that could happen or something very important that is impending or a deadline that is approaching, when I witness something so nice or so cute that my heart melts in approval. I understand that these reactions are due to the hormonal responses my body has to what my senses perceive in the environment around me.

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Ethanol: Viable alternative or waste of time?

Sophie Balis-Harris 

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The Benefits of Depression


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Who Needs Sleep?

      There are twenty-four hours in a day. This is a fact of which every human - and especially every college student - is well aware. Unfortunately, it never seems as though twenty-four hours is completely enough for everything that needs to get done. It does not help that approximately (allegedly) eight of these hours are dedicated to being completely unconscious. Sleep is such an essential part of the human routine that many of our non-daylight hours are devoted to it. And yet, while we understand the rejuvenated feeling of a good night's sleep or the tired crabbiness of a pre-coffee early morning, no one seems to understand the actual purpose of sleep itself.

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Steroids in Baseball

Steroids in Baseball
It is common knowledge that steroids have ruined modern baseball. Thousands of books and articles have been written on the scourge of what was once an innocent game, played by men with nothing more than pure kindness and goodness in their hearts. A nation once enthralled while watching Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chase Roger Maris’ longstanding record of 61 home runs in a season

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Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine, The Wonder Drug?
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