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Facebook Autobiography

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Since I have been in college, I would consider myself a dual resident. As an out-of-state college student I travel back between Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania and East Boston, MA. I have used my Facebook page for mostly two reasons, on the days that I want to procrastinate, which is often; I will scroll down and reminisce. More times than that however, I ask my sisters at home to keep me updated on the growth of my niece and nephews. My Facebook page serves as instant communication with my family. My favorite role, although I love them all, is being an aunt. The hardest part about going away for college is being away and not being able to watch first hand the growth of the children you cherish the most.

Through my Facebook page, not only do my friends witness my growth as a person, but they also see the growth of who I call my kids. I became an Aunt when I was twelve years old. I did not have an account with Facebook at the time, as a matter fact my family did not own a computer. I began to create accounts on social networks as I gained more access to computer software. It was not until the end of my sophomore year in high school when I was able to save up enough money to purchase a laptop. Once I did this I later became more of an active user to these accounts. Thus as my niece and nephew grew up, I was able to show the world the new additions to my family. As I am away at school these additions now serve as my motivation when times get tough and I become frustrated. It only takes a few “breaks” from my work for me to see their pictures and remember that I am setting the example for them to follow. That is the image on my Facebook that I portray.