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MGuerrero - Character Building

Marta Guerrero

Critical Issues in Education

Professor Lesnick

March 25, 13

Post 3: Reflection and Character Building

My praxis placement is in a character building/friendship class at private school. I have to admit that at first I was extremely skeptical of the fact that this school has such an abundance of resources that they are able to provide students with a class dedicated to teaching them how to navigate their feelings and the feelings of others. However, the more I observe and learn more about the curriculum, I begin to wonder how much of an impact this class would have in urban schools.

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Post #2

Marta Guerrero

Professor Lesnick

Critical Issues In Education

February 18, 13

Learning as a Form of Teaching


“To teach cannot be reduced to a superficial or externalized contact with the object or it’s content but extends to the population of the conditions in which critical learning is possible.” (33)

As I read “Pedagogy of Freedom” I am struggling because I do not necessarily agree but I also do not disagree with the stance that Paulo Freire has taken on what it means to be an effective teacher. The reason I disagree is because I do not see exactly how this can be entirely realistic. I understand how this form of teaching can function in some schools, but not necessarily in others. That goes back to the idea that there is not one template of educational form that we can use for all schools. But perhaps this is where the creative portion fits.

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Current Events

In class it has been mentioned that current events have not really been integrated into our classes. So here is a debate going related to education.

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Reflective Paper 1: Educational Autobiography

Chapter 1: S.A Elementary School

Chapter 2: U.B Middle School

Chapter 3: E.B High School 


I graduated with the largest graduating class from this school. It was a wonderful experience because I, along with many others, seized every opportunity I had. In the school we had a senior café, oriented to provide all of the seniors with all they needed to apply for college or work upon graduation. We had a PIC counselor whose office had an entrance to the café and the TERI (college preparatory) and Access (Financial Aid) counselors whose offices were located inside the café. Down the hall we had the Gear up office, which helped with college access and applications. With the help of these offices I toured many schools and was able to successfully apply to higher education. 

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When we spoke about us imposing reading on the students of lower levels. An image came to mind, this is not it, but the idea is the same.

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Field Placement Observation

On a given Friday, the professor will begin class with the overhead projector displaying vocabulary. He asked students how they interpreted the words, and then reviewed last class’s vocabulary words. The professor does not negatively enforce, or discipline his students. When they do not seem to be doing the work he will command a response from them. He simply calls on the students and expects them to answer. Later on in the class, he plays a song and asks students to identify the instruments creating the music.

The song we are focusing on today is John Legend "imagine." The professor wants the students to write about real versus fake things in their life or discuss something in their life that happens in stages. The professor uses his smart board to show the students their lyrics to the music and then editing it. 

When teaching the students the different music notes, the professor writes on the smart board and then explains how to clap along to the music notes. He reminded students to take notes and encouraged them by saying that; "it's your paper so mark it up all you want." If there is one thing that happens well in this course, is that the students are being encouraged and pushed to use their own ideas to move forward in their writing. 

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Article on Technology & Education

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Facebook Autobiography

Since I have been in college, I would consider myself a dual resident. As an out-of-state college student I travel back between Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania and East Boston, MA. I have used my Facebook page for mostly two reasons, on the days that I want to procrastinate, which is often; I will scroll down and reminisce. More times than that however, I ask my sisters at home to keep me updated on the growth of my niece and nephews. My Facebook page serves as instant communication with my family. My favorite role, although I love them all, is being an aunt. The hardest part about going away for college is being away and not being able to watch first hand the growth of the children you cherish the most.

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