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Field Placement Observation

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On a given Friday, the professor will begin class with the overhead projector displaying vocabulary. He asked students how they interpreted the words, and then reviewed last class’s vocabulary words. The professor does not negatively enforce, or discipline his students. When they do not seem to be doing the work he will command a response from them. He simply calls on the students and expects them to answer. Later on in the class, he plays a song and asks students to identify the instruments creating the music.

The song we are focusing on today is John Legend "imagine." The professor wants the students to write about real versus fake things in their life or discuss something in their life that happens in stages. The professor uses his smart board to show the students their lyrics to the music and then editing it. 

When teaching the students the different music notes, the professor writes on the smart board and then explains how to clap along to the music notes. He reminded students to take notes and encouraged them by saying that; "it's your paper so mark it up all you want." If there is one thing that happens well in this course, is that the students are being encouraged and pushed to use their own ideas to move forward in their writing. 


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The word that comes to my mind when I read your post is "ownership." Do you think the teacher is backgrounding his authority is because he wants students to claim their own?  I'm curious about what questions you have about your observations, as well.