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On the Rights of the Writer and Reader

Honestly, I was having trouble coming up with a straight answer for this whole “rights” of the reader verses the writer mess so I have decided to start over and go through my thoughts as systematically as I have time for. So, I will try to write down my thoughts as they develop temporally.


With regard to the rights of the writer:

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My Message to the Future Through the Time/Space Continuum of Serendip

Hello. I am Christina. I am writing this to you on Friday, January 25th, 2008 at 11:47 P.M. Eastern Standard time. Many a time I have lost myself in the vaults of Serendip, but this is my first time message into the future through Serendip. Not long ago, I had my own blog, wrote in a blog for my CSEM course with professors Blankenship and Blank, had a science abstract published. But their significance has eluded me until recently.

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Pants, Doorways and Arches

On Tuesday we discussed the different possibilities for the meaning of the cover of the book. My initial reaction was that it was doorways. Each doorway took a different perspective on the same background or topic. The doorways brought color to a dismal background. I found this to be metaphorical because the doorways can be the different genres taking an unique perspective on life. Most bring color to life in a large and overbearing way, where others have a lesser effect.

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