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My educational autobiography followed the support that my parents, in particular my mom, have given me throughout my life, in both academic and personal ways. Their support has made me a better student and a better person, and, after writing it, I feel exceptional gratitude towards them that I feel I may never have adequately expressed when I was at home with them. Writing it also made me think about teachers who have been similarly inspiring in my education, and about those with whom I wish I had had a better experience. I wonder whether I would be here, at Bryn Mawr, and at the educational and emotional levels that I have reacher, had I not been under the terrific tutelage of, for example, Ms. Logan, my 10th grade English teacher, who gave me equal parts caring and tough love for my extreme case of wordiness. Or, where would I be without the support of my 11th grade physics teacher, who was incredibly patient and courteous to me, despite my penchant to visit him on a weekly basis to go over tough material. It was him who gave me the courage to ask for help from my teachers when I feel as though I am drowning in the coursework, and it was him who devotedly worked through a snowstorm to help me get my college recommendations in, even as he had moved on to work in another school in the county. Overall, writing my story has reminded me of all the people to whom I owe my educational success, and of all the hugs I owe when I get home for Thanksgiving :)